Saturday, August 12, 2017

Back from Amarillo, let's check out the house

We spent the last two weeks in Amarillo playing with the grandkids.
 There was a fun day playing outside in the water.  Lots of water balloon fights.
Brian set up two pools in the backyard.  It was a mini water park.  The kids had a lot of fun.
 Then Logan wanted to shoot his bb gun.  Brian sat him down and helped him shoot it.  Of course all the hits at the bulleye were his.  He laughed and said pepaw missed.  LOL
Brian and Lori took us to a wonderful catfish place to have supper.   This was the best catfish we have had since we left Arkansas.  The owner/cook is from north Arkansas.  LOL

                                   Logan was watching his IPad while sitting in my lap.

                                                       Sure do miss these two kiddos!
Here in Pearland it has been HOT!  Too hot to do anything outside.  We went down to the house to see how things were going.

After having to fire the framers, they finally got some good workers and we are seeing progress again.  The roof is suppose to go on starting Monday.  Our little house already has the roof and they are trying to catch the big house up.  Plumbing and electric are roughed in on both houses.
                                                        I love ther dormers.
This is a partial shot of the back porch.  I can't get the whole thing in one picture.
This is on the other end.  It will be the outdoor kitchen.  It is wider than it looks here.
                                           My little house, waits for big Bertha to catch up.
The painters are prepping the siding.  Paint should go on after the roof is on next week.  I can't wait to get that yellow covered up.
I took pictures of the inside but without walls it is too hard to really tell anything.  They just look like a bunch of 2x4's.  Soon, I hope.... soon

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Logan and Lucas catch their first fish

After raining all morning, the guys decided to go outside and try to catch some fish.  It wasn't long before I looked out the window and saw that Logan had caught his first fish. Pepaw was trying to get Logan to look my way, but he was too busy for that.
                     I headed that way and by the time I got there he had caught another one.
Before I knew it, he had caught 7 fish!  Of course these little ones were released back into the lake. But he sure enjoyed catching them.  I think Pepaw had fun too.
It wasn't long Mike, Kaitlyn and Lucas showed up.  Though a little over dressed, they decided to join us.
                                          In just a few minutes, Lucas had caught his first fish.
                                                                       Then another.
                   He wanted to hold the fish.  Logan wanted no part of that. He went to watch the turtles.
                   Then Kaitlyn decided she needed to catch one.  I was too close on this one to get the fish in the picture.  sorry... my bad.
                         Then I decided, well, if it's that easy, I have to try.  Yep, I got one too.

                                                       We all had fun, even the turtles.
 It's a shame that it's a catch and release lake.  There are some pretty big bass in there too.  We were having too much fun with the little perch that we didn't even try for any thing else.
It was a fun day.

Friday, June 23, 2017

House update

We spent Wednesday mowing at the property.  The weather was nice and there was a cool breeze blowing all day.  Of course, it was Tropical storm Cindy that was supplying the breeze, but that's ok, it felt good and she went southeast of us.
          Of course first Doug had to take the backhoe off the tractor and put the mower on.
                            That's a lot of grass to mow.  He also pushed over a dead tree!

                                           They worked on getting the siding on the houses.

What's really funny is I was so fixed on getting a picture of the siding going up, I didn't even notice the guy posing in the picture.  LOL  This is not the final color.  Just the siding.  It will be painted a grey.

Really glad that tropical storm Cindy decided to come ashore elsewhere.  Hope she didn't do too much damage where she did.
Here is a picture of tonights sunset.  Sure was a pretty one.


Monday, June 19, 2017

More pictures from Galvaston area

I am just now getting around to getting the pictures off of my canon camera.
I think these bridges were near Port Arthur Tx.  The older of the two was used as the west bound and the newer one was the east bound.
I did not care for this bridge.  The side rails were almost non existant and I kept feeling like we were going to drive right off it.  I didn't take any pictures while on it for that reason.  I was too busy closing my eyes.
The gulf seems to be taking a lot of the beach and roadways back.  This crew was busy trying to stop it.  Lots of sand being brought in.  There were a few places that had eroded all the way up to the highway.
                                             No problems here.

They do build the houses high this close to the gulf.  
                                We had a long wait at the ferry crossing on Bolivar pennisula.

                                                          We watched the sea gulls

                                                    The pelicans too!
Doug fed the sea gulls out the window.  I tried several times to catch a picture but this was all I got.
                                              Look closely and you can see the dolphin fin.

                                  I couldn't catch the dolphins playing for feeding in the bay either.
We are going out to the property to mow tomorrow.  I will take pictures of the progress on the houses.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Lake Charles and a return to Galveston

We left Marksville on Tuesday morning and headed to Lake Charles, La.  There we met up with a friend/co-worker of Doug and Jim's.  After meeting him and his lovely wife, we headed to eat.
Terry and LaDonna have recently moved to Lake Charles and they took us to a neat little taco bar in old downtown.  Fun was had by all.  It is always good to see old friends and make new ones.
Wednesday, we headed for Galveston.

I will try and finish this blog tonight.  It is Thursday and we had a full day today.  Libbie and I walked the length of the Strand, taking in all the shops.  I even learned how to pay for parking on my phone.  My I am learning all kinds of things.
We also toured the Bishops Palace today.  It was beautiful.  They are doing some renovations with more coming in the future.  The Greshams had the house built in 1892 and lived in it until it was purchased for the Bishop in 1921.

 Couldn't get a good picture of the rotunda around the staircase.  It was beautiful.
 One of the 11 fireplaces in the house.  This one is inthe parlor. 
This is a postcard box.  While traveling, Mrs. Gresham would send herself postcards from all of her
travels.  They were put in the postcard box.  She could then show the cards to her visitors and 
tell them of her travels. 

The front of the box was beautiful.  All hand carved.

Something else found in the parlor was the hand carved calling card basket.  No facebook or
messenger back then.  If you wanted to invite someone over for tea or supper, you had your servant 
deliver a calling card with day and time.  The calling card was placed in the basket for Mrs. Gresham 
to get and respond to.  Sounds like a lot of trouble to me.

                                                Sitting at the Bishop's formal dining table.
                                                  This was Mr. Greshams bedroom.
                         Mrs. Gresham's bedroom.They were connected.  His was a little bigger.
 Mrs. Gresham had the biggest and best bathroom.  His only had a sink and I am sure a chamber pot.
notice the three faucets on the tub.  One for hot, cold and rainwater.  Rainwater was better for your hair.
After a long day of walking, shopping and touring, we finished out the day at Nicks Kitchen.  The seafood was great.  Now to rest.