Wednesday, October 11, 2017

More pictures of house and a very bad oops, on my part

 This looks like some kind of monster but it's just the septic system.  It keeps growing!
 This is a view from the laundry room through the kitchen and mud room to the back door.
                                               part of our bathroom...mostly the shower            
                                                   the living room, bar and kitchen area
They are ready to tape and mud the drywall.  I am picking out appliances now.
Did I mention that I lost my small coach purse.  The little one that hangs off my arm.  Well, I guess it fell off, I left it on a table or Doug threw it away with the trash.  I have cancelled all my credit cards and tomorrow I will go get new drivers license.  What a pain!!!  Insurance cards should all be in the mail too.  I hope I haven't forgotten anything.  I think I am going to take a picture of everything in my new wallet so I will know what is in it, if there ever is a next time.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

more pictures of house

Here are some pictures inside our house.  The guys were discussing the broken tractor.  It seems operator got a little over zealous and broke the hydraulic lines.  oops

We have a ceiling now
                                              working hard... I don't know how he walks around on those stilts

           This is the mud room entry looking into the kitchen and then laundry room

                                                          Another view of living room.
                   They should finish my little house tomorrow.  They are still working on Mike and Kaitlyn's house.

More progress at the house

 We sat outside most of the day today on this back porch.  Though there was a nice breeze,  I wish the ceiling fans were up to help when there was a lull in the breezes.
There was a lot of sheetrock going up today.  It amazed me at how fast it was going up.
Then the guys showed up to put in the septic system.  Things sure have come a long way in that department!
                                     After digging a 6x7 ft hole they installed the first tank
                                              Then they lengthened the hole another 5 ft.
                                              and put in another tank
                               Then dug out another 5 ft. and added the third tank.  Tomorrow after inspection, they will cover these up and dig the lines.  Don't fully understand how but from the time "it" goes from tank 1 to tank 3, "it" will be "clean" water that will water the back field. 😅
Now back to inside the house....
                                                 There were 4 guys working sheetrock today.

                                     This is a nook in the walkway to the master bedroom.
                                                            one of the guest bedrooms    
                                                        master bedroom, trey ceiling still undone
They should have Mike's house completed tomorrow and will start on ours.  Ours should be done in one day at the speed this crew works.  For some reason my pictures didn't all upload.  I will add more tomorrow.  Doug has a doctor appointment tomorrow so it will be late.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

House update

Things are moving along on the house.  The painters are working on the exterior of the house.
                                      They still have alot to do but you can see how it's looking.

On the interior they have put all the insulation on the outside walls and sheetrock will be delivered tomorrow.  Hope to have walls to show you on Friday.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Electricity is finally fixed

It took forever, but everything is finally fixed in the bus.  Well not everything.  All outlets are now working.  Now that there is power to all outlets we found out that the tv in the bedroom didn't survive.  The red light showing it's getting power is all it will do.  Looks like we will be shopping for a  tv for the bedroom.  The direct tv didn't survive either.  The tv in the living room is fine.  So is the surround sound.  The winguard that controls the dish on roof is working but the HD-DVR isn't.  Guess it's time to contact direct tv.  The lightening took out our inverter, one breaker, two gfci outlets and two regular outlets.  The surge proctector we have is fine.  When I asked why didn't the surge protector keep this from happening, this is what he told me.  The electricity was going off and on because of the storm.  The SP cycles on with the electricity but it takes a second or two when it first comes on.  With the storm shutting power on and off and then lighening striking right behind us. It was just a perfect storm.  There were about 6 units that took a big hit besides ours.  A brand new Entegra had to go back to factory to be repaired,  another motorhome had $37,000 roof leak!  Insurance wouldn't repair just the front two panels, they wanted the entire ceiling replaced.  I don't know if owner is going to do entire ceiling (but if he doesn't insurance won't fix it again).  Another unit had all the wires melted in it.  Insurance wanted to total it.  It was a 2007.  Owner didn't want it totaled.  I don't know what they decided.  It has been a mess to deal with for everyone.  This was my first experience with a hurricane.  I don't think I like them!
On a good note, sheetrock should go up in the house this week.  They have to inspect all electric and water before walls go up.  This should all be done by thursday.  Hopefully, friday the walls go up!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Lightening got us, worse than we thought

When we returned to the motorhome, everything looked fine but unfortunately, lightening struck right behind our unit.  We have a large built-in surge protector but apparently it didn't save everything.  We have electricity on side of the bus and not the other.  What I thought would be a simple fix, is still causing us headaches.  The inverter was toast.  We had that replaced.  Still same problems.  They replaced a couple of breakers.  Still same problems.  He found a dead plug behind the refrigerator.  It has been running on LP.  He changed that out.  It's still running on LP and same dead plugs on left side of bus.  One of the GFCI plugs was blown.  That was replaced.  Still same....  We found two more dead plugs up front.  One was the TV and the other was satellite. Both work when plugged in elsewhere thank goodness.  By the time we get this thing fixed, we should have all new electrical.  My washer/dryer works but only the washer.  Dryer isn't drying clothes.  Now what!  We weren't the only ones to have electrical problems.  Several had inverters blown and a/c's messed up.  One brand new Entegra was told by Entegra to head back to plant.  Theirs could only be repaired at manufacturing plant.  A Winnebago Tour had a leak in the roof and insurance paid them $37,000 to replace entire ceiling inside.  I guess things could be worse for us.  We have lights, AC and the fridge is working fine on LP (it's brand new).
Hoping tomorrow they can finally get this all fixed.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Back in St. Francisville

Doug got out of the hospital this morning.  We have returned to St. Francisville to wait for the water to recede so that we can return home.
 these are pics of the RV resort in Pearland.  This area is the older part and
 much lower than where we are.

This is the latest picture I have of the house.  Still high and dry.
The neighbors across the street have supplied us with all of the pictures from the neighborhood.  Here are some more.
                               They had to walk to their house.  This is Cheyenne Ridge Dr.!
This is their house.  A tree had fallen and knocked out electricity..  Yes, the downed wire is dead.
Don't think I would have had the nerve even knowing it was dead.

While Doug was in the hospital, Lucas and John decided to wash all the vehicles.  He was so serious about his work.

I think everyone got wet, not just the vehicles.  Thanks guys for the excellent wash job!
Though it is beautiful here and the company impeccable, I am anxious to return to Houston.  
Hoping the roads to Houston clear up soon.

Monday, August 28, 2017

more Updates

Doug came through like a champ.  His surgery was a breeze.  He has had no pain at all.  In fact, the pain he was having up until the surgery is gone.  He is eating with no problems and he walked the entire 4th floor.  The only thing he has had is a little shortness of breath.  They have checked him out top to bottom and find nothing.  The only thing off is his billirubin.  I think that's how you spell it.  He is alittle jaundice but that is improving.  He is still in the hospital because of the billirubin.  They will draw blood tonight and if it is continueing to fall, he will be released.  If it isn't, they will do a procedure (that I can't remember what it's called) where they drop a camera down his throat and look for a stone in his ducts around the colon, pancreas and liver.  If they find one they can retrieve it.  Let's hope it doesn't come to that.  We will know in the morning.  He if feeling great, so we don't anticipate any problems.
On the Houston/Pearland front.  The flooding is horrible.

The picture above is a before and after.  I could post way too many pictures like this all over the city.
This is Interstate 45N at White Oak Drive overpass
610 at Brays Bayou

Pray for Texas

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Update on hospital and Hurricane Harvey

Doug has gallbladder surgery at 7 am tomorrow.  Pancreas is still alittle angry but so much better than it was.

Neighbor across the street sent us this picture of the flooding in our neighborhood.  Though the yard is flooded, it is nowhere near reaching the house.  Let's hope it stays that way.

The RV Resort has some flooding in it, but it is in the older section of the park.  Where we are is in the newer section and it is much higher.  There isn't any flooding there.  In fact, they are letting people park their cars in sites that are empty.  Let's hope that this flooding doesn't get any worse.  As of now, some have water up to but not over their steps.  Sure wish Harvey would move on.
Everyone stay safe.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

One hurricane and two hospitals

Thursday evening we left the motorhome in Pearland and headed to Louisiana to get away from the Hurricane.  Mike, Kaitlyn and Lucas in their truck and Doug and I following in ours.  Of course Buddy and Buster were along for the ride too.
We arrived in St. Francisville, La. around 8:30.  we were going to stay at Kaitlyn's parents house.
By the time we arrived in St. Francisville, Doug wasn't feeling very well.  His stomach was a little quesy and it ached a little.  He decided to go on to bed not long after we got there.
The next morning Doug was in severe pain and broke out in a cold sweat.  He was ready to see a doctor.  Doug is never ready to go to the doctor so I knew it must be bad.  We went to the small hospital there in town.  When they saw Doug, they took him right back and started drawing blood and taking x-rays.  They thought at first he was having a heart attack.  Blood work ruled out heart attack. Doctor ordered a CT of his abdomen.  By now he is in terrible pain but they still cant give him anything until all of his tests come back.  It wasn't long they gave him something and the doctor came in and told us that Doug had pancreatitis.  His liver enzymes were elevated also.  It seemed that Doug also had cholitis.  ( I don't know if I spelled all this things right.) He has never had gallbladder problems before.  The small hospital in town couldn't do everything Doug was going to need so they transferred him to Our Lady of the Lake Medical Center in Baton Rouge.  We are still here.
Doug is better but his pancreas is still very much inflamed.  The way they explained it is this:
A gall stone came out of his gallbladder and lodged in the duct that is connected to the pancreas.  It also blocked the duct connected to the liver.  Everything backed up causing his liver and pancreas to get inflamed.  They are not sure if the stone has passed or not.  They believe it has.  Once things calm down they are going to remove his gallbladder and he should be fine.  He has been NPO until tonight.  They let him have jello and juice.  He tollerated that fine so things must be looking up.
Hopefully, he will be well enough to have the surgery tomorrow or the next day.  He will then be discharged.
All of this happening has kind of put the hurricane out of our minds.  As far as I know, the houses are fine and so is the motorhome.  The Brazos river is expected to flood, so our neighborhood will also have some flooding but we are high enough that the houses shouldn't be affected.
When Doug gets released from the hospital, we will make our plans to go back to Pearland.
Stay safe everyone.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Back from Amarillo, let's check out the house

We spent the last two weeks in Amarillo playing with the grandkids.
 There was a fun day playing outside in the water.  Lots of water balloon fights.
Brian set up two pools in the backyard.  It was a mini water park.  The kids had a lot of fun.
 Then Logan wanted to shoot his bb gun.  Brian sat him down and helped him shoot it.  Of course all the hits at the bulleye were his.  He laughed and said pepaw missed.  LOL
Brian and Lori took us to a wonderful catfish place to have supper.   This was the best catfish we have had since we left Arkansas.  The owner/cook is from north Arkansas.  LOL

                                   Logan was watching his IPad while sitting in my lap.

                                                       Sure do miss these two kiddos!
Here in Pearland it has been HOT!  Too hot to do anything outside.  We went down to the house to see how things were going.

After having to fire the framers, they finally got some good workers and we are seeing progress again.  The roof is suppose to go on starting Monday.  Our little house already has the roof and they are trying to catch the big house up.  Plumbing and electric are roughed in on both houses.
                                                        I love ther dormers.
This is a partial shot of the back porch.  I can't get the whole thing in one picture.
This is on the other end.  It will be the outdoor kitchen.  It is wider than it looks here.
                                           My little house, waits for big Bertha to catch up.
The painters are prepping the siding.  Paint should go on after the roof is on next week.  I can't wait to get that yellow covered up.
I took pictures of the inside but without walls it is too hard to really tell anything.  They just look like a bunch of 2x4's.  Soon, I hope.... soon

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Logan and Lucas catch their first fish

After raining all morning, the guys decided to go outside and try to catch some fish.  It wasn't long before I looked out the window and saw that Logan had caught his first fish. Pepaw was trying to get Logan to look my way, but he was too busy for that.
                     I headed that way and by the time I got there he had caught another one.
Before I knew it, he had caught 7 fish!  Of course these little ones were released back into the lake. But he sure enjoyed catching them.  I think Pepaw had fun too.
It wasn't long Mike, Kaitlyn and Lucas showed up.  Though a little over dressed, they decided to join us.
                                          In just a few minutes, Lucas had caught his first fish.
                                                                       Then another.
                   He wanted to hold the fish.  Logan wanted no part of that. He went to watch the turtles.
                   Then Kaitlyn decided she needed to catch one.  I was too close on this one to get the fish in the picture.  sorry... my bad.
                         Then I decided, well, if it's that easy, I have to try.  Yep, I got one too.

                                                       We all had fun, even the turtles.
 It's a shame that it's a catch and release lake.  There are some pretty big bass in there too.  We were having too much fun with the little perch that we didn't even try for any thing else.
It was a fun day.